A few years ago, I bought my first shiny tablet. I was amazed with how easy it was to navigate through high quality content seamlessly, and knew this was my beckoning call, I thought ‘Finally, a place to combine my photography and graphic design skills into interactive moving images’.

The most important thing to remember is that print will never die, tablet publishing was only ever going serve as prints best friend, rather than replace it. Scroll down to browse through my projects and visit my blog to view my latest app design work.

Nisant Vibhani

Since graduating in 2010, I have tried my hand at most things in the creative industry. I picked up photography, wrestled with graphic design and quickly discovered the importance of UX/UI design. When working on a big project, I tend to voice my opinion on all artistic matters, in the hope that it will spark a ‘eureka moment’, even if it’s my own.

I still pick up the paintbrush from time to time, reminding myself that all great things start on a blank canvas. Browse through my pages to view my work.

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