Graphic Design

Images, text and data would just be floating in the world of digital language without a platform to organise and display it. A catalogue is the perfect place to arrange beautiful imagery and typography. It can be a daunting task to structure and layout a meaningful catalogue, but I know my way around Indesign, photoshop and illustrator to make it that much easier for you! When thinking of catalogue design I must quote ‘Ultimate simplicity leads to purity’

Nisant Vibhani

Since graduating in 2010, I have tried my hand at most things in the creative industry. I picked up photography, wrestled with graphic design and quickly discovered the importance of UX/UI design. When working on a big project, I tend to voice my opinion on all artistic matters, in the hope that it will spark a ‘eureka moment’, even if it’s my own.

I still pick up the paintbrush from time to time, reminding myself that all great things start on a blank canvas. Browse through my pages to view my work.

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